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Personalized Metal Tags

Personalized Metal Tags


Heart or Dog Bone Tags: $3.00 for one side or $5.00 for both sides
Paw Print and Cat Face Tags: $3.00 only engravable on one side
Traditional Dog Tags: $5.00 for one side or $7.00 for both sides


Our Personalized Metal Tags are the perfect addition to your keychain or luggage. Available in a variety of shapes and colors, these tags can be customized with your name, phone number, or any other information you desire. Made from high-quality metal, these tags are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your personal belongings are easily identifiable. Whether you're traveling or simply looking to add a touch of personalization to your everyday items, these tags are a must-have.


Engraving Information


Please see the images for dimensions.


We don't charge by the letter; it's all about the design. Just keep in mind, the more information you add, the smaller everything needs to be. We will work together via text message or email until you are full satisfied with your design. You can always reach out to us at or text 850-935-0005. If you have a design, we will try our best to incorporate it.

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