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About Us

Greetings, gift aficionados! I'm Misty, the artisan behind Gifts By Misty. My journey into the world of crafting started with a simple desire to create personalized gifts for friends and family. What began as a heartfelt gesture has blossomed into Gifts By Misty, where every creation is crafted with love and passion.

At Gifts By Misty, we take pride in specializing in three distinct crafts: the captivating world of fluid art paintings, the artistry of handmade jewelry, and the personal touch of custom engraving. Working with a rich palette of materials, including faux leather, wood, resin, and acrylic paints, each piece is a testament to the joy of creation.

What sets Gifts By Misty apart is our commitment to sustainability and sensitivity. We repurpose remnants, ensuring that no materials go to waste. As someone with sensitive skin, I am dedicated to creating hypoallergenic and lead-free handmade jewelry, offering safe and stylish options for everyone.

Gifts By Misty caters to everyday individuals with a penchant for unique, affordable gifts. Our personalized creations are designed to make every occasion special, providing a touch of thoughtfulness without straining your budget.

Crafting isn't just a pastime for me; it's a full-time commitment. Each creation is a labor of love, meticulously crafted to bring joy and beauty into your lives.

Gifts By Misty has been showcased at various craft fairs and markets, providing a direct connection with our cherished customers. Your feedback, both positive and constructive, has been instrumental in shaping our creations to match your desires.

While not currently offering workshops or tutorials, I'm excited about the prospect of sharing my crafting skills with you. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to learn the art of Gifts By Misty!

Explore the world of Gifts By Misty on Etsy, where you can discover and acquire our crafted wonders. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and promotions. As we look to the future, anticipate more engaging content on Instagram and YouTube, expanding our reach and bringing our crafting journey even closer to you.

Gifts By Misty - Crafting Memories, One Handcrafted Gift at a Time!

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